Don’t cling on to the past.

Reminisce what makes you happy,

Let go of what dulls you.

Its not easy

But its possible.

Don’t go too far into the future.

Embrace your creative visualisation,

But not all your expectations.

Live in the now, don’t just exist.

Explore the now, don’t just watch.

Love the now, and Carpe Diem!

Master oogway ( tortoise from the movie kung-fu panda) rightly said – “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That is why its called the present.”


Last night, my dad told me a quote of Buddha along with its translation. And that’s all he said. Its when I decided to write for this blog.

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‘ Appo Deepo Bhava ‘ meaning ‘ be a light unto yourself ‘ were Buddha’s last words. Simple yet impactful utterance.

This statement holds immense vitality in our life. After all, its you who is capable of illuminating your own world.

Don’t fade away into darkness.

Don’t wait for another light to come flash by.

You are your own light.

You are a strong ,sparkling diamond!

At the same time , dont be selfish. Help out a few other diamonds who’ve been a little dusty for a while.

Wipe off that dust.

Help them realise how bright they are.

Help them sparkle!

Its important to constantly reiterate thoughts like these once in a while, for clarity of interpretation. Its good for you , and you can do good for others.

So dear diamonds, spread some love , keep smiling, keep shining!



My love for music has always been way beyond the definition of a ‘music lover’. I’ve never been very specific about the genres. As long as it sounds good and my heart beats along, its absolute bliss! Inspite of this special affinity I have had for music, I always tried to negate a connection between ‘myself’, and a musical instrument that I  was aware of as a kid, and in my pre-teens as well. This was the reason I never chose to be trained in music ,although I was persuaded to several times.
Its been 16 months since I started playing the cello, an instrument belonging to the viola family. I’ve named her ANAHI which means ‘as beautiful as a flower’.

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Now how , when and why did I pick the cello all of a sudden?

Well, this is how it goes…

It was way back in 2014, when two of my friends told me about a musical group based in Utah,USA whose primary platform is Youtube. The group is none other than The Piano Guys! If you already know them, High-five! If you don’t, dear readers, I hope you read further.

The link below will give you the story behind The Piano Guys , which to be honest is very fascinating. The Piano Guys

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The cellist Steven Sharp Nelson and his cellos (yes, he has 10 cellos- wood, electric, steel, carbon fibre ) is what inspired me to pick the cello. His music is tremendously inspiring and reviving ..its impossible to put it down in words. That’s guaranteed. It was something that was so unique for me that I couldn’t stop envisaging myself with a cello of my own and my musical journey ahead. Trust me, its been an exhilarating jaunt so far, and the fact that I got the opportunity to pursue a form of art at one of the most esteemed music school in the country has given it a big boost. And My experience with the cello , as a performer , as a learner, is a completely different rant which I shall probably share with you guys some other time.

However, its not just Steven and his music that inspires, but its true for the group as a whole. These guys, their music ,their work is truly and purely inspirational! Coincidentally, thats exactly their ultimate motive- to inspire and to uplift!

Processed with Rookie CamNow, how is that they succeed in what they do, how do they inspire ? How do they stand-out among the relatively alike? The following reasons will tell you so

  • These guys cover songs not just as a cover , rather they end up creating new pieces! They combine classics composed by Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart along with stunning movie title tracks and charting pop songs . Additionally, they have their own exclusive TPG compositions.
  • Such covers might be made by many folks out there, right? Something else that adds to the uniqueness quotient here, is that all the sounds you hear are produced by the piano and cello! ALL! To maintain the authenticity of certain music , a few additional instruments are used at times, solely for percussion. And sometimes, vocals too.
  •  Moreover, its not just their music thats awe-spiring, but its also what you watch in their videos! The most scenic and picturesque locations that any music video could ever demand. There couldn’t ,and there cannot be a better backdrop for their soulful music. SUBLIME!
  • Another aspect of their work that I admire the most, is that they manage everything behind the scenes themselves; from scratch, manually, apart from just composing and performing. This truly exhibits their love, passion and respect for what they do. Kudos to their hardwork and efforts!
  •  For every music video, they give a description of what persuaded them to come up with that specific composition, how the music was created, how they chose their locations for it and a gist of the story behind the journey of each production. Indicative of meaningful piece of work, dont you think?

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To give life to the words above, its important you check out their channels on youtube.
They have two channels namely –

1.The Piano Guys – main channel

This is the channel solely devoted for uploading videos for their compositions. The videos are on par with their music , so dont ignore it! Its the key to being introduced to The Piano Guys.
Personally I love all their music, so it’s difficult for me to suggest particulars to start with. Instead , have a look of the videos I first watched. (Links attached)

Peponi – The Piano Guys

Over the rainbow/simple gifts – The Piano Guys

2. The Piano Guys 2 – second channel
This channel is about all the FUN and HUMOUR behind the scenes. Its a mix of short videos and snippets. On watching these, you might feel like you know the guys extremely well, and it appears as if they are very easy to gel along with. Atleast I feel that way. 😀

Its clearly evident from all of this, that these guys are four of the most humble and grounded human beings we will ever know. I absolutely believe its not a deception , rather its a matter of fact.

Also, if you’re keen on getting connected with them, you could become a TPG insider by signing in on their website. This way you could write to them, share your stories and they’ll keep you updated from their end too. And whats even cooler is ,that they’re currently on tour! (Well, they’re always on tour.) So, if they’re performing somewhere close to you, dont miss out on it! They’ll put forth a splendid show! You can trust me on this.

My collection of their albums . There are MANY songs on these albums that dont feature on their channels or on their website. So, whenever you wish to, you should definitely buy them. You’ll never regret.

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So dear readers , I hope that was something fresh for you . Let me know in the comments below, what you think about the The Piano Guys , if TPG had an impact you and if you too believe , that when you play their music, a pause is impossible!!



Shantaram, meaning ‘Man of Peace’, is a book written by Gregrory David Roberts. Many decades ago, the author was an armed robber and drug addict who escaped from prison in Australia to Bombay, India where he settled amidst the slum dwellers and Bombay underworld.

I’ve read one-fifth of the book, and so far I’ve deciphered that he speaks about his baffling journey since the time of escape to dawn of a new beginning in Bombay. The book gives an inch-perfect delineation of the city of Bombay in older times. It is quite an adventure, a continuum of tumult and priceless life lessons.

Some of the quotes from the book I have a liking for are as follows –

  • ” And I’d learned, the hard way, that sometimes even with the purest intentions, we make things worse when we do our best to make things better. ” – Lin

  • ” There’s a truth thats deeper than experience. It’s beyond what we see, or even what we feel. Its an order of truth that separates the profound from the merely clever , and the reality from the perception. ” – Lin

  • ” It is the mark of the age in which we live that the style becomes the attitude , instead of the attitude becoming the style. ” – Didier

  • ” That is how they manage to live together, a billion of them , in reasonable peace. But more than any other people in the world, the Indians know how to love one another. ” – Didier  (on India)

  • ” There’s a kind of luck not much more than being in the right place at the right time, a kind of inspiration thats not much more than doing the right thing in the right way , and both only really happen to you when you empty your heart of ambition, purpose, and plan; when you give yourself, completely, to the golden, fate-filled moment. ” – Lin

  • ” A dream is the place where a wish and a fear meet. When the wish and the fear are exactly the same, we call the dream a nightmare. ” –  Didier

  • ” If fate doesn’t make you laugh, then you just didn’t get the joke.” – Karla  ( my favourite 😀 )

These quotes above are quite reflective, and something to ponder upon.Its very evident that its root is personal experience itself and not just mere thought alone; an example of truthful words that has resulted from a state of uncertain qualms. For me, personally, they are complex, yet deep and gripping!

If you’re an avid reader who likes to peruse through intricate,precise details to conjure up an absolute vision of the story, then Shantaram is a must-read. You certainly shouldn’t miss out on this prodigious and vivid masterpiece! 🙂






The story about the sketch I made above goes this way…

It all started off with a tender,beautiful hibiscus sapling that I picked up at the nursery. It was a new addition to the existing stock of plants at home which was quite exhilarating for me. I tried my best to take utmost care of it, ensuring it gets enough sunlight and water that’d nurture its growth. And perhaps, I probably tried a bit too much , most likely because it was the only flowering plant amongst the rest housed in my balcony. Each day I’d spend quite a few minutes in arbitrary intervals to espy the beauty of that mind mellowing plant. Weeks passed when it came to my notice that the winsome plant was diseased. What really weighed me down was that the disease had concealed a new bud that grew on it. The instantaneous thought that struck my mind – ” Does this mean its not going to bloom? ”

Yet, I still continued to nurse it.

One morning as I walked towards my balcony to have a look of all my plants , there awaited a surprise for me. The surprise was a flower. A blossom that bloomed from a disease-embed bud. It looked as magnificent,as vibrant,as radiant as any other flower that blooms out of a healthy bud. It illuminated the surrounding environment like a gleam of sunshine!

The story above stands strong as a simple yet good life example for each one of us. In our day to day life, we come across challenges or problems of various sorts, in varying intensities, that are unique for each individual. Some of us do droop down in these situations with the thought in mind that dealing with obstacles would leave us unsatisfied, that we wouldn’t achieve anything better but only something worse. We lose out on hope and that’s the ultimate truth.

If a flower can bloom gracefully from a diseased bud , why is it that we humans fail to lift ourselves above all our short-lived problems? Is it likely because we tend to give due importance to the problem itself rather than the solution?

What we must really emphasize on in our life is OPTIMISM and HOPE. Once you whole-heartedly approve of them as your best friends, they will surely succeed in moulding YOU into a much better person inspite of all the turmoil that surrounds you.

Before imagining yourself as a dry,wilted flower…BLOOM!!

I’d like to conclude by adding one of my favourite quotes that seems perfectly apt – ” Where flowers bloom , so does hope. ” – Ladybird Johnson

I HOPE it inspired you! 🙂